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Write for us

Are you a patient?
Do you care for a patient?
Do you have a story to tell?

Welcome to
That Patient Collective

Why get involved?

 Raise awareness about the challenges patients face. 


Start a much-needed convo around improving patient care


Show other patients they are not alone. 


Get your patient experiences

off your chest.

Volunteer for a free platform. 

Connect with other patients through our social media channels &

Patient Portal


Write for us!

 Tell us YOUR stories about


Submit articles to be

published on

that patient collective.

(posts can be under

your name or anonymous, totally up to you!)




Feature on our @thatpatientcollective Instagram grid.

All we need is a short

caption sharing

your story

and photo of you! 




Make an Instagram reel

about the #reality

of living with your condition/illness

to feature @thatpatientcollective


How can I get involved?

I'm keen!
How do I sign up?

Register your interest below

and we'll be in touch!

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