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Patient Portal

Are you struggling with a symptom?
Do you have an undiagnosed condition?
Do you have a rare disease?
Our Patient Portal is here to help!

Due to overwhelming demand, 

our Portal is currently CLOSED for submissions!


The Lowdown

Through my @thattilyrose Instagram I have seen, first-hand, how patients supporting patients is the way forward.


I've been so lucky to have almost 50,000 people to pose questions to on my Instagram stories.


My followers have been amazing at offering diagnosis ideas, test suggestions & listing meds that have helped them with particular symptoms.


I've then sifted through the responses, researched the ideas and posed the ones I think are most relevant to the medics.

This got me thinking, surely this could be replicated on a wider scale to help more patients...

Enter: The Patient Portal


The Portal

The way it works:

1. You submit a question

Example: 'I'm struggling to get my migraines under control, any ideas?'


'I am struggling to find a diagnosis, here are my symptoms...'


'Does anyone know a good EDS consultant near Birmingham?'


2. Using the 'Ask a question' function on Instagram stories, we pose your question to our @thatpatientcollective community (either anonymously or with your pic & name, up to you!).


3. We share the responses to your question on @thatpatientcollective Instagram stories, helping other members of our community along the way!


So now it's time to get asking...










We think our portal is a little bit like our symbol the dandelion...

Just as dandelions blow in the wind & spread their seeds to ensure other dandelions bloom, our portal is all about trying our best to help other patients within our community to thrive, especially if they, like so many dandelions, have found themselves attempting to bloom not in a lush, open field but in a rough crack between the pavement...


Ask Away!

(It's totally FREE!) 

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