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Chronic Illness Autumn TV binge

By Rob Simms

Rob is in his thirties and living with Lupus. His life was turned upside down with this diagnosis, previously pretty active, he now spends (too) much time on the sofa.

1. Sex Education - Netflix

- For chilled weekend afternoons. All around easy-watching and good vibes. If you haven’t watched previous series, rewind on Netflix and get viewing. I think the originals were the best! And Gillian Anderson always steals the show!

2. Love & Death - ITVX

- For cosy candlelit autumn evenings. Elizabeth Olsen is just incredible in this. If you loved Big Little Lies, you will LOVE this. Based on a real-life crime case in America, it had me on the edge of my seat (sofa) and loads of episodes to binge on!

3. Afterlife - Netflix

- For those days when you need a little comforting cry, broken up with laughter. Ricky Gervais writes and stars in this. I’m not usually a huge fan of his work and given this is about grief, it didn’t sound like the dream watch. I was converted, he is great in this! It is warm and funny and has you crying and laughing. It really is an uplifting watch and you get so into all of the characters and root for them.

5. Married at First Sight UK - 4OD

For those days when you are feeling really rubbish and just want to mindlessly lie in bed or the sofa. There are endless episodes, this is on Mon-Thurs. The premise is two strangers marrying, crazy I know! I defy you not to get addicted!

Get binging!


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