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Collective Call-out: What does a GOOD weekend look like for you?

This week we asked our @thatpatientcollective content creators:

What does a GOOD weekend looks like for you in #PatientLife?

Here are their responses:

'Low levels of pain and less fatigue meaning I can actually enjoy having weekend plans.' - Sarah

'Being able to go out without pain and worry.' - Aisha

'Being able to enjoy spending time with my little boy.' - Camilla

'Managing to get some new autumn knitwear.' - Samantha

'Non-forced rest (you know the kind that is nice to take) with a side sprinkle of enough energy for some fun.' - Billie

'Feeling well enough to go camping!' - Lexie

'Being able to have energy to have a bit of fun.' - Deb

'Managing to get everything done for the week ahead, roast dinner, family time and finishing in bed 9pm Sunday with a good book.' - Siobhan

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