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My Top Tips for Readers

By Katy Baker

Top Tips:

  • If you have a chronic illness: seek mental health support if you need it. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

  • If you are a medical professional: please take time to listen to your patients because they are experts in their illness and even if there are instances where symptoms are down to anxiety, there is still a reason they are feeling this way.

  • If you are a friend of someone with chronic illness: your friend's illness may be chronic but that doesn’t mean that they have accepted it or don’t need help. Continue to check in but still treat them like you would any other friend. Consider how much an illness can impact a person’s life.

  • If you are an employer: seek to understand your employee's health condition, ask whether they need any adjustments and trust them because they know their health condition the best.

Remember, you’ve got this.


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