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Patient Portal: Managing Pain

A round-up of your answers from this week's Patient Portal question:

Any ideas on managing pain?

  1. Magnesium salt baths

  2. Tens machine

  3. Getting GP to prescribe amytriptiline

  4. Hot water bottles

  5. Lidocaine patches

  6. Menthol cream applied to the skin

  7. Cold showers each day (Wim Hof method)

  8. Yoga, meditation, rest

  9. Magnesium supplements as a powder (I buy natural calm on Amazon)

  10. Supplements - B complex, Q10 & magnesium

  11. Heated blanket

  12. CBD lotion

  13. Distractions - my pets, cuddles, TV

  14. Osteopathy

  15. Migraine/Ice hat

We hope these are helpful!

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