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When did you last feel well?

This week for our Collective Call-out we asked our patient content creators:

When did you last feel well?

We posted this on social media too and got so many responses.

Grief is a very normal emotion to feel when it comes to remembering your ‘well’ self. It can be hard to say goodbye to that person and take a new, challenging path into #PatientLife that you often have no control over 😞. Here @thatpatientcollective we get just how tough it is and we are with you every step of the way 💛

So, when did YOU last feel well?

'When I was 10 years old, before I got pneumonia for the first time' - @thattillyrose

'I had a day about a month ago where I felt completely normal.' - @tom.tjsb

'Over a few months ago.' - @sarahegriffin

'Graduation day; knowing fully well I have achieved and ticked off one of my dreams to be fulfilled. Not forgetting proving those wrong that thought I couldn't get far in life!' - @iiamaish

'Prior to being diagnosed. I do have periods where I feel ‘better’ but not fully well.' - @camilla.salmon

'Ten years ago. I grieve my old self who could run and swim and work and drive. I miss that girl.'- Felicity

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