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Wishes in a Day's Embrace

Today on @thatpatientcollective, Aisha is sharing her poem that selected and displayed amongst many other beautiful poems at The Battersea Arts Centre, as part of #WhatIfPeoplesPoem project by Jaspreet Kaur also known as Behind the Netra Author of Brown Girl Like Me!

The story behind Aisha's poem:

The poem "Wishes in a Day's Embrace" comes from my deep longing for a day without physical pain and limits. I dream of a day to enjoy things I miss due to my health issues. Picture a day spent with friends, sharing tea and happiness, free from discomfort. Imagine walking without needing a wheelchair, feeling the world without barriers.

In the poem, I think of a day when I could breathe easily, not relying on a machine, dancing to my favourite songs without feeling out of breath. I wish to see myself as beautiful in the mirror, without scars or worries about what others think. To love and be loved without judgments is a dream close to my heart.

Even though I wish for this more than just a day, the poem comforts me with the idea that in a place like Heaven, these dreams will come true. Through these words, I express my hope and strength, believing that while some dreams might be hard now, they could come true in a better time.

My poem:

What if there came a day,

With no pain to stay,

I could do what I miss,

With friends, share a bliss.

In winter's cold embrace,

We'd meet face to face,

No limping, no chair,

Freedom in the air.

No need for the machine,

My lungs dancing, so keen,

To my favourite song,

With dear ones, belong.

A day where I'd see,

Only beauty in me,

No scars, just love's grace,

No judgment to face.

Just one day or more,

These dreams to explore,

In Heaven's embrace,

All wishes find place.


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