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Words that get me through patient life

by Tilly Rose

Being a patient has no doubt made me connect with 'words' in a whole new way. I think it's the feelings I often relate to. Patient life has forced me to face up to emotions on a deeper level, both good and bad. I've experienced so much upset, trauma and hurt but these challenges have also given me moments of true joy and allowed me to experience such a strong sense of love with those around me. It really is a life of lots of almighty lows, with higher highs.

Here are some of the 'words' that get me through the rollercoaster:

  • My mum's line, 'Giving up is never an option.'

  • My boyfriend's question he always poses to me during tough times: "What are you going to do Tilly?". He waits for me to respond. "BEAT IT!"

  • My dad calling me his 'little soldier' makes me feel I can continue battling another day.

  • Reading Matt Haig's 'Comfort Book' with my family. The line 'it never rains forever' always stays with me.

  • Reading the poem 'Sometimes' by Sheenagh Pugh. My favourite line is 'Sometimes things don't go, after all, from bad to worse.' This makes me remain optimistic for the future.

  • Swearing - yes swearing! I barely used to swear at all before things got really bad. My Auntie never, ever swore. Then we ended up on a 3 month admission in London which was new-level traumatic and suddenly, there was no other form of vocab that properly expressed just how terrible life was. Saying it was 'SHIT' was the only thing that felt cathartic. Auntie was shocked at herself but sometimes needs-must!

  • The Dandelion - my message to myself that I share with others @thatpatientcollective is 'Dandelions don't just thrive in lush, green fields but in the cracks between the pavement.' I think this description of the dandelion is a great symbol for patient life.


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